Q & A

Why is Human Resources (HR) Important?
As an employer you are legally obliged to provide every employee with a written statement of terms and conditions , a contract of employment, within eight weeks of commencing employment

I’ve been in business for years and have never needed employment contracts?
Every employee is entitled to a written signed contract of employment and the onus is on the employer to provide the contract, it is a legal requirement

I have only part-time staff, do I need contracts for them?
Part time staff have the exact same rights as a full time employee, the only difference is the comparable hours they work

What about the new employment law?
The new employment law which came into effect in March 2019, is aimed at ‘precarious work’ i.e. uncertain working hours, retail, hospitality, and tourism for example. Every contract must state a minimum number of hours a week

How do I deal with an employee with a bad attitude ?
Start with the foundation of well worded contract of employment, a bespoke handbook that reflects the culture of your business and what you represent. From there build in what suits you and your business best – regular meetings, appraisals, promotion , mutual respect etc