Employee Contracts

Employment Contracts:

The bedrock of the employer/employee relationship is the contract of employment or Terms and Conditions  a written statement.

With it out you may as well drive a car without Tax/Insurance or NCT – you might get away with it  BUT if your caught without them – well you know the rest.

To focus on the written statements in accordance of Terms of Employment  ACT 1994

Within two months every employee should have a written statement

Every statement must contain:

Name of Employer & Employee Address of Employer Place of Work Job Title Rate of Pay/Pay Intervals Date of Commence
mentType of Contract
Hours of work Paid Leave Sick Pay – Yes or No Pension Schemes Notice Period    

The type of contract must also be clear:

  • Contract of indefinite duration
  • Fixed Term
  • Seasonal
  • Subcontractor
  • Independent

Within two months every employee should have a written statement

Just like every business is different, 2020 HR as a bespoke HR consultancy does not recommend generic contracts as the more specific and tailor made they are towards your business the more effective they will be:

Think of the differences between a Haulage company and a Hairdressers.

A well drafted  bespoke contract of employment along with a well drafted employee handbook again bespoke will establish the foundation of the employer/employee relationship, is line with good practice and is a LEGAL obligation.

Failure to provide an employee with a contract of employment will leave an employer open to a very straightforward claim with awards of up to four weeks remuneration

The claim must be brought to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) and is a straightforward win or lose situation-that is, it is clear whether there has been a breach of the legal obligation or not.

The new employment law The Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, 2017, has made the provision of contracts of employment and written statements more relevant than ever for employers

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