HR Outsourcing

Your Own HR Department a phone call away – able to deal with any situation in a quick, professional, proficient manner.

Employment is one of the most regulated and potentially litigious parts of running a business. Are you exposing your business to these risks?

20-20 HR is an Independent & Confidential HR advice service, sensitive to all employee situations in any organisation

Do you want a “face” that gets to know your business, staff and culture?

  • 20-20 HR is flexible in the service it offers and by virtue of being a phone call away can operate as if you have your very own HR Department.
  • Have all of your employees signed a contract of employment?
  • Do you have a comprehensive set of employment policies and procedures compliant with Irish employment legislation?
  • Is your record keeping e.g. personnel files, leave and recording of working hours, compliant with employment legislation?
  • Are you familiar with employment legislation governing contract, fixed-term and part-time employees
  • Are you aware of the vast changes in employment legislation, and the impact these changes will have on your organisation and the way in which you manage your staff?